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How are the animals in each country


This section is a scale, a pulse check, to find out how the situation of the animals in each country is. In this way, we link here below to each country, explaining, orderly listing services and animals from the geographic center of each country.

The flora and fauna of the Earth are the most precious we have. We are not managing it in a good way. In general, the situation of the animals is not good. As a dominant species on the face of the Earth we have the privilege and duty to care for animals and plants. They are our sustenance, the air we breathe, the food we eat.. they are all we need, as living beings, to continue surviving on the face of the Earth. But we are still not aware of the ecosystems that we are leaving behind to the next generations. We are called to a good administration not only economic, not only political, not only emotional, not only against the unnecessary animal suffering of pets.. also in all other areas.

In this section we are simply going on a tour about the situation of the animals in each country..