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Mortuaries for pets

The fact of losing a pet can be very hard. They are part of us, of our family, the loss of them is a blip that must be overcome, but life is like that, everything has a beginning and an end. Some pets leave before, others after, either due to illness or an accident. Or there are those who prefer euthanasia, to avoid that constant suffering in that animal's life. There are also animals older than others, some can live only a few years, reaching 2-3 years .. and others can surpass the owners living even more than a hundred years, as can reach some turtles or reptiles.

In the same way that there are funeral homes for people, there are for animals. In them we have the services that offer individual incinerations, or partial ... they also offer urns that they prepare, which can be manufactured in a personalized way, or other details such as engravings of animal tracks, boxes of memories (with their photos, necklace…). All of them will try to create a good atmosphere so that you have the maximum support that day.

In this section, you have here all the funeral homes that are available, as always located by order of location.