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When we want to travel, visiting relatives, visiting other places, or going to a certain place in our city or town ... we often have the inconvenience of transporting our pet. It can be really difficult to find a taxi or other means that accepts the transport of animals. In addition, in the case that they are long trips to other countries, it is requested that the animal has certain conditions. For the European Union for example, it is necessary that the pets are with the implanted microchip and that they have the necessary vaccines. And another issue is whether it is good to give them sedatives or not, which is not recommended, since in the case of air travel, its intake is prohibited due to the subsequent exposure to altitude pressure. Also because you have to prove in advance how the animal feels the sedatives, if it were exclusively necessary to administer it. There are many companies that help us and guide us with the issue of transporting animals, which have vehicles adapted in their entirety for pets.
In this section you will find all the advertisers that offer transportation of animals, so you can take your pet wherever and whenever you want.