If you are going to travel temporarily, or you have a need to leave your pet to someone who cares for her, this is your section. This section is dedicated to professional caregivers of animals. This is a section where specialized animal keepers by species can publish their services. So you can find the closest caregiver that interests you the most.

Animal caretakers are people who usually have lands or specialized enclosures for the care of animals. They tend to specialize in specific species, perhaps in dogs or cats, perhaps they are licensed to hold PPP dogs (prey or listed as dangerous). They may be specialized in reptiles, birds, and a long etcetera. It will depend on the experience and qualification of the facilities that your animal will be without caging or in an enclosure with certain conditions. In some cases there are caregivers who have large farms or maybe flats in the city near your home.

If you are an animal caretaker here you can offer yourself, locating yourself geographically. This way, the people who are most caring to you will be able to locate you to ask for your services. If you want to publish your services here, you just have to follow the instructions.



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