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The origin of the movement against animal suffering is driven by our need for food. Human beings are omnivores, that is, we feed on all types of living beings. We need to eat both animals and plants, in a good proportion. We are made like this, some animals eat plants, other animals eat other animals, and other animals like us eat both plants and animals. This is how we have made our digestive system, our biology, our metabolism is like that.

If we are going to buy certain foods at the supermarket, such as eggs, they have several distinctions apart from their size. The eggs, apart from their size or species from which they come, differ in their breeding system: whether it is intensive (highly industrialized) or ecological (more natural). That is to say, we have farms where the breeding system is very industrialized, in which they have laying hens cramped in cages where they can hardly move. And on the other hand we also have farms that produce organic eggs, in which the hens and roosters live loose, running and feeding much more naturally, without food supplements such as growth hormones, in an area that is free of pesticides and other harmful chemical elements. In the ecological farms, the animals grow and develop in a quite natural environment, little or nothing intensified, without adding in the process almost artificial elements.

In the same way as hens and roosters, there are also other animals in organic farming for food. To these farms where they use this system, they are called ecological farms. Here the animals grow in a much more pleasant way for them, much healthier both for the animals and for us. Apart from the fact that the animals do not suffer unnecessarily during their life, their meat is much better, much healthier: it does not have excess hormones, medicines, or any other artificial element that is widely used in other types of intensified farms. Nor is the reproduction rate of the animals affected, avoiding artificial insemination. Besides the good breeding of the animals, the use of the land is improved, being more fertile and less contaminated. In general, industrialized breeding is now more common, since it is faster and produces more economic benefits for the farmer, but the situation of the animals in this system is bad, and the animal matter for consumption does not have the good quality of ecological farms.

In these ecological farms are also usually have gardens. Needless to say, the products of these gardens are also natural, therefore also much more nutritious and healthy for us. In this section you will find the different farms of this type that are already working in an ecological way.