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External cases

External cases are cases of individuals who can not continue to support their pet, and have to give them up for adoption. In this section the sale of animals is totally prohibited. Here you can find cases of individuals who can not continue to keep a pet in good condition, or companies and protectors that manage these cases externally.

Having a pet is a luxury, they need a lot of attention, money, knowledge... Our situation, that of everyone, changes throughout life. Life takes many turns. Things that were possible in one stage of life become impossible later, or vice versa. Ailments, illnesses, separations, divorces, lack of time, travel, economic crises, accidents, allergies, handicaps, veterinary treatments too expensive, very costly surgical interventions for the families' economy, and a very long and so on... We could be writing about the possible causes of giving for adoption during many paragraphs. None of us are perfect, even the animal protectors collectively sometimes see themselves in difficult situations, where they can not continue to support dozens or hundreds of pets... How can a private individual, company or family, can also reach a difficult situation?

If you are a person in a difficult situation, and you have decided to give your pet up for adoption, here you can do it. We would like you to try first of all to resolve your personal situation by all available means that you have, so that you do not give up or abandon. Services Animals is not an extremist organization, it is not even a company, it will not judge or harass you, it is totally lawful to give a pet up for adoption if you can not keep it in good condition. In any case, we recommend you contact the nearest protector. The protectors that do not receive almost help, that do not sacrifice, or that they do not have the obligation to catch all the animals, probably do not have places, but you must try. If you finally do not find a solution to the situation, before abandoning him, sacrificing him or leaving him in a worse situation, publish him here for someone to adopt him.

If you are a person who is looking to adopt an animal, here you can avoid the bad drink to a furry. Before they suffer more abandonments, sacrifices or go through the ordeal of living too long caged waiting for an owner, you can contact the current owner here. Here they will be published ordered first those closest to your location.

Rocky: external-case, dog - Labrador Retriever, Male


external-case, dog - Labrador Retriever, Male
Rocky se ha críado con una niña ..

Rey: external-case, dog - Cocker Inglés, Male


external-case, dog - Cocker Inglés, Male
MI nombre es Rey, soy un cocker ..

Gatita: external-case, cat - Cruzada, Female


external-case, cat - Cruzada, Female
Gata doméstica desde el nacimien..

Pipo: external-case, dog - Shih tzu, Male


external-case, dog - Shih tzu, Male
Macho de 9 años blanco y crudo m..