Have you lost your pet? In this section you have found animals, in shelters or shelters, waiting for you to pick them up. In this state are the animals that have just been found. According to the laws of each country, there is usually a waiting period for a pet to be picked up by its owner. According to the chip that allows locating the owner or not, you can contact him, if he has the updated chip data in that case.

Animals in this state have often been found in poor condition. They are animals accustomed to living in a domestic environment, cared for, fed, so when they are found they are often malnourished, with wounds, broken bones, run-ins, diseases. At this moment they go to have care and attention for a weather. If after the corresponding time the animal is not claimed, it will become available for adoption.

In some cases these found animals are found in shelters. Have you found an animal and brought it to your home? If you have it in your home, you have become a foster home. It is not like adopting it but you have already incurred a responsibility. Publish it here if you are a protector so that the owner has it easy to find it. If you are not a protector, please go to the nearest animal shelter to post here.

Pupas: found, cat - Siames, Male


found, cat - Siames, Male

Zero: found, dog - ., Male


found, dog - ., Male
ZERO tiene 11 meses, está castra..