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This section is intended to find adopters for litters of pets before they are abandoned, slaughtered, or go through places where they can catch diseases. It's a way to tackle the problem before it's a bigger problem. It is a section designed to put in contact individuals who have this problem, protective, and people seeking a pet for adoption. It is totally forbidden to use this section for the purchase and sale of animals.

In this section you can post that you have a litter in search of adopters. It is a real problem to get adopters for litters of domestic species with excess population, if this is your case, you must make the idea that you have to sterilize pets with excess population. If you have not done it because of money problems, we recommend associations that help you do these sterilizations free of charge or in a very economical way.

Now the important thing is to place these new individuals, the new litter, in homes where they will be well.

If you are a private person, please do not abandon them to their fate, do not leave them anywhere: not in the door of a town hall, or in a market, or in the door of a shelter, for example ... Normally the protectors that do not sacrifice, they will not have place to accommodate them because they are usually overflowing, but you should try and surely help you solve the problem. In parallel we invite you to publish here the litter to facilitate the work of finding adopters. Sometimes litters go badly through overcrowding in places where they get diseases, avoid this by publishing your case, avoid it by finding adopters, let the protectors find you to help you by publishing your case here. Surely the volunteers who help to find new homes will be able to help you before these new lives go through a bad gulp.

If you are a person looking to adopt a pet, here you can adopt avoiding unnecessary root problems to these new living beings. But keep in mind that adopting a living being is not like having a new thing at home. You have to think about it, will you be able to supply your needs economically? Do you have a conditioned house? Do the rest of the family agree? Will you be able to keep this new member in the family until his death? If you have it clear, do not hesitate, contact here with protectors and individuals.

The publication here of litters for sale is totally prohibited.