Reserved pets give in adoption /


Animals in the process of adoption are in this state of reserved. When a person begins the adoption process with the protector, they usually sign a pre-adoption contract. After the signature a veterinarian usually reviews the animal, then the adopter takes his new friend home and begins the trial period.

Hopefully all these pets end up adopting, but it is not an easy task. Maybe the animal does not adapt to their new home, or it may be the owners who do not adapt to the new member of the family. We hope that both pet and owner adapt and these animals have a happy ending.

You dare? A good way to adopt an animal is to reserve it, do the pre-adoption process for 1 or two weeks. This way you will know it has also been a good idea, or if you are compatible. Adopting a pet is a delicate process, it is better to do well and with patience for a while before making the final decision. Also if you are not decided what you can do is to offer yourself as a foster home, surely some protector will thank you. Being a foster home is a good way to start an adoption process if you are not sure.

Groot: reserved, dog - , Male


reserved, dog - , Male
GROOT es de una camada no desead..

Oli (ahora Laia): reserved, dog - , Female

Oli (ahora Laia)

reserved, dog - , Female
Oli ❤️ Una mujer la encontró por..

Moka: reserved, dog - , Female


reserved, dog - , Female
Moka es una galga cedida junto a..

Smile: reserved, dog - Podenco, Male


reserved, dog - Podenco, Male
Podenco cedido al albergue, muy ..