Have you seen a lost pet? In this section you have animals that have been seen on public roads and need help. By publishing pet sightings you can help rescue them, or their owners find them. This is a tool for rescuers, or so that people who have lost their pet can do a localized tracking until they find their lost pet. If someone has seen you on public roads you may have made a sighting here, so you can follow up until you find him.

Also the sightings are a way to publish a need, to make people see the situation of many animals. Sometimes colonies of domestic animals are established on public roads, animals that have been domesticated, and that are now on public roads. Pet sightings are also a way to alert rescuers to act, leaving sightings located.

By locating yourself in the search area that you are, and filtering by sightings, you can follow up. Below you also have a button to see more and to show on the map all the sightings that you have filtered.