Animal trainers are people focused on teaching pets and their owners. It is responsible for educating, teaching and instructing both animals and their owners. Many of the tasks for which animals can be trained can also be done alone, without a human being having to be trained. There are very special cases as the guide dogs for the blind must be well instructed and the owners that can finally have greater autonomy thanks to them. They can also be trained in the protection and defense of people, although many animals instinctively already have these initiatives.

They can be trained in the search for people or things, thanks to their animal capacities. They are very good in the case of rescues, search for lost people, explosives, drugs. For this type of tasks it is very common to use dogs, since being so social and participative with human beings, they perform these tasks very well.

Many other times the training objectives may be for these animals to learn basic standards of behavior. One of the causes of abandonment of animals is due to their bad behavior. These bad behaviors can be due to very different situations. It may be that bad behaviors are due to jealousy, that they have been mistreated, frightened, abandoned. There can be situations like defecating where they should not, attacking without reason, escaping, breaking objects in the house without any reason. Many times these behaviors are often the result of something, learning to think like animals is very important for the owners, and thus be able to improve these situations. Sometimes the owners, not knowing what to do, end up leaving them as protectors because they do not know how to solve these situations.

In this services section, the different trainers are shown that can help you educate your pet, either to learn how to groom themselves, or maybe some special tricks. Choose the trainer you want, they will be sorted by location order.