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We want to thank all the volunteer teams of various associations that have helped us:

We are also grateful to those people who have anonymously contributed ideas to improve the project ;) We are in constant contruction, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Servicios Animales Team

From the origin of the project, working side by side, behind there is a family, anonymous, volunteers and associations:

Axel Eros


The graphic designer of the family, UX / UI, usability, accessibility on the web and mobile applications.

Karina Barros


The thinking head, public relations, bright and sympathetic as she herself, the thrust of energy, the turbo, that stepping on the ground, every project needs.

Jaime Niñoles


The programmer, anything you can think of or have seen, can be done, it's a matter of time.



The little one of the team, warrior, loving, and with a heart bigger than her.

Duke y Ratonet

Duke & Ratonet

Duke the faddy, more dog than cat, and Ratonet the dozer, the noisemaker of the wheel.



Black pearl, cocky and playful, when she wants xD