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Animals, pets for adoption

Why adopt an animal as a pet

The animal protectors are overflowing. In many cases the protectors have to refuse to take care of new animals that the people have found. On the other hand we have protectors and / or kennels that have agreements to take care of all the animals lost in the public road, which end up often sacrificed. Breeding without control, non-sterilization, together with abandonment, combine to create the current problem of societies.

There is an excess of domestic animals that need people to adopt them. Do not hesitate, look in the section of animals for adoption closest to you, chat with the protector, or contact directly with the protective contact data that you have left in Animal Services. We do not mediate in the adoption processes, Animal Services only puts you in touch.

How to offer an animal for adoption

If you are an animal protector officially registered in your country you will have this option enabled. If you want this option do not hesitate to contact us, it has no cost.

The amount of animals available for adoption that are protected by animals is enormous. In Animal Services we want to make things easier. Here the protectors can give you more visibility on the Internet. If you belong to a protector and you have an animal protection website, you can also connect the web to make things easier. If you still do not have a website, here we have simplified the management of animals to the minimum and indispensable, you no longer need a complex system to manage animals.

This website is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and computers, you can have all animals easily managed in one place. In addition, by registering as an animal protector you will have an animal protection page, a landing page, where your contact information and the animals you are managing are displayed.

Individuals offering animals for adoption

If you are a private individual, and you want to give an animal up for adoption, we recommend that you approach the nearest animal shelter to manage your case. In Animal Services, individuals can not offer animals for adoption because it is a very complicated process. It requires interviews with adopters, we recommend signing pre-adoption, adoption, and follow-up of the animal to avoid being abandoned again or in need of another owner. This is what the animal protectors do, which is why we recommend you for the good of the animal that goes to the nearest protector.