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Sighted animals on the streets

What is the sighting of a pet?

In this section you will find all the animals that have been sighted on the street. They may be lost animals, from uncontrolled animals that need attention, directly abandoned, etc. It is a public tool to facilitate the tracking of these animals on the street. There are many animals that need attention and wander through the towns. This is the first step to avoid dying from starvation, abuse, beatings, victims of hooligans and a very long and so on.

These sighted animal tokens will last for three months, after which time they will be automatically deleted because after a month it is pointless to review such old sightings. This section is very useful to find your lost pet, if someone has sighted it you may have taken a photo and you will recognize it, so you will know where it stops. The sighted animals are the first state through which domestic animals pass before ending up in protective, kennel or slaughtered. They need our attention, that is, this section of sightings tries to help all the people who want to keep a localized tracking of the animals. Perhaps with this follow-up you can trace the route to later find a lost dog or cat. Maybe you want to report here how you found a litter of abandoned puppies near a container or in the field. Or maybe you see an animal, and another day another person helps to continue this follow-up, so on, until everyone gets a happy ending.

In short, sightings in Animal Services are a tool to track unprotected animals on public roads. You do not need to register as a user and we have tried to make it as simple as possible. To publish a sighting it is so easy to send us the form to publish a sighting. For any suggestion do not hesitate to contact us to improve it.