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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it really free?

All the features of are totally free. If you are a non-profit person, or you represent a non-profit organization, be assured that we will not charge you any cost, commission or fee, as we have seen in other websites.

We also do not intend to charge for the publication of services or animals. In the case of needing to financially support, we shuffled several solutions with which we would not get paid for the publication of services or animals. So it should not be a concern if it's going to continue being free.

How can I publish an animal?

If you want to publish an animal sighted on public roads or that you have lost, you do not need to register, you just have to go to the corresponding section and follow the instructions that you have at the beginning.

To publish a found animal that you have under your supervision, for adoption, or already adopted, you must be an animal protector officially registered in the national body of your corresponding country. If you are not an animal protector and want to give an animal an adoption, you should contact the nearest protector. Adopting an animal is a complicated process and should not be done in any way. It is advisable to sign an adoption contract, pass some tests of the adopter, and then follow up on the adopted animal so that it does not end up abandoned, mistreated, or in another shelter or kennel.

If you are an official animal protector in your country, simply contact us and we will activate at no cost the services of found, adopted and adopted.

How to change my location or a tab?

In the user menu, on the top right, you have an option to change your location.

You also have another link on the top left, under the Animals Services navigation menu, where it says "Your location:". You will see three options, the first is to search by Google, the second according to your Internet connection and the third according to your web browser.

When you register animals and services, they will be registered in the location you are wearing.

What are "Services"?

These are the services (forgive the redundancy) offered by different people or groups, be they trainers, protective, veterinary ... and that are visualized by means of tokens in the main navigation of the website.

How can I share my animal or service on social networks?

It is very simple, you just have to go to any file and, below this you have the options to share on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

How can I contact Animal Services?

You can do it through the link "Contact" located below on the page, fill in the requested information and send it to us. You can also contact us through social networks, whether on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

How to delete my profile?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, you can ask us at any time to delete your account. To avoid false accounts and false deletions, we will verify what you are, deleting your account and all associated data.

How can I change my email address or my username?

To change your email, you must open the profile tab by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page. A series of options will be displayed, by clicking on "Change my access data" you can change your email address or username.

Do you want to stop receiving emails?

For this you must go to the user menu, in the upper right corner, and you must select the option "Change my user profile", here you can disable the option "Allow notifications by email."

How to add my phone number?

To add your landline or mobile number, you can do it from the user menu by selecting "Change my user profile". There you can add both your fixed number and the mobile number. If you add your fixed or mobile number, these will be shown in your animal and service files.

Your email or phone number in these fields are protected by a unique image generated on the flight. So only the people really interested, and not the robots, can see your email or phones.

IMPORTANT! We recommend that you put your email and phone only in these fields. If you put it in other fields we can not protect them with this protection measure that we just mentioned in the previous paragraph.

How to change my password?

You can change it in the user menu, located in the upper right corner, by selecting "Change password".

How to chat with another user?

Chats are associated with animals, because they are intended for the adoption or monitoring of animals.

For this, you must select an animal file, and among the options that appear on the right you must click on "Contact the protector". Here you can talk through the Animal Services chat, by clicking on the link in which you enter the user's name. Then a chat will be created with the card of this same animal, with each new message and chats, you can access them by selecting the message icon located in the upper right corner.

In the animal files, you can also see the email or phone number of the other user if he has allowed it.

How long does it take to activate the option to register an animal?

We try to meet the requests as soon as possible. If you show us that you are a protector, and that you work for the good of the animals.