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What we do in Animal Services?

You are in the ideal website to adopt, find, register animals and services. All this from the same web page, which has a simple interface that facilitates its use to all public. The contents are geolocated, without applying automatic filters, without intermediaries. All this without positioning rankings that tell you what to see first, cleanly show the animals and services closest to your location.

Our goal

Connect people who want animals or services with people who offer such animals or services.


The animals

There is a large number of pets that need a property. Much of the problem comes from the uncontrolled cries. These animals have had many cries and did not find people to adopt them. Another source of the problem may be the behavior of the animals, perhaps lack of training, education of the owner, lack of economy, or loss of interest. Many animals unfortunately end up abandoned or mistreated. These animals end up in shelters or kennels, in which if a certain time passes, they end up slaughtered.

Protectors end up having a large number of animals, so it's getting harder and harder to keep that amount. It is difficult to give the necessary care to each one. Sometimes they do not receive subsidies from the State, or receive few donations. One of the objectives of this social network is to raise the people of all the implications of having animals. They are a great responsibility that is often unknown. In this way we want to put people in contact to try to improve or solve this problem.


In Animal Services we not only show the protectors, but also the trainers, walkers, pet shops, etc. And to facilitate you even more that you find them, they appear ordered to you according to your location. This section was created with the intention of publicizing the different services related to animals. In this way, in addition to promoting and facilitating care, we can make people more aware of the implications of having animals.

Some things you can do in Animal Services

We are in constant construction, do not hesitate to contact us for any corrections or suggestions.